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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:29 pm 
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Hey Everybody!

Finally, at long long last, the OST:

Yesso has decided to release this for free, not only free, but basically open source. You can grab not only the soundtrack to listen to, but the source files so you can see how it's made, remix it, etc. Cool cool stuff!

Also! The game has launched on GOG, GamersGate and Desura:

It's 40% off until December 4, but only if you grab it from one of these.

If you bought the game direct already and would like a key to activate the game on one of these sites, please send me an email to so that I can get some idea.

CATCH: I can't promise that keys will be available yet! I haven't actually checked with them how this will work, or if it is even possible. It's probably something I should have checked into before and had ready to go beforehand, but it was a lot of work just getting it launched in three places like this. Other devs seem to do it so I'm hopeful!

NOTE: There are some extras. There's a Designer Notebook that will be available to anybody who bought the game, and there is also a Papercraft booklet with all the residents of Strange. It was GOGs (excellent) idea to do the Papercraft and so this is an exclusive to GOG for a few months. Eventually it will be available to everybody so don't worry if you already bought the game and feel like you're missing out-- it's just that without GOG the papercraft wouldn't have happened so it only seems fair!

OTHER NOTE: These three platforms are all really indie-friendly and are great to work with as a developer, although they all work a little bit differently as a gamer. I get the exact same cut from all three and they have all been super helpful, encouraging, and patient with me. So if you still haven't bought the game and want to take advantage of the (re) launch sale, please do just pick however you like.


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