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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:09 pm 
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The setup:

I fed Gladys the last radish, but while fat blobs of slime fell from above in what I suppose were her final throes, one of those totem bastards rendered me suddenly dead. Time & Space returned me behind Ben's house and when I re-entered the mine, there was a long period of black, followed by text claiming that I dreamed about being dirty. Then things kicked back to the mine, where Gladys turns out to be hunting me still and I've nothing left to feed her. This seems like a Catch-22. Tried sleeping, to see if it would trigger a dream, then quitting & starting again, but no luck.

As such:

A) This looks like a bug, so I am reporting it. Yep.
B) Is there any way to repair my save? Re-add an easy radish, perhaps, and feed her again? I've dug up the savegame1.dat, but gather this is binary and not something I can just knead with a text editor.

Ah, and I'm running version 1.3 "chili" from GOG in OSX 10.8.2, if this is relevant.


Ah, shoot. Thanks for reporting this, does indeed sound like a bug, you are actually supposed to be invincible during this period after beating Gladys-- not something I overlooked per se but something's not working right.

Please send your savegame to and I'll get you back on track.

It's also possible that if you restart the game, you'll find you still have that last radish in your inventory, and can trigger the cutscenes normally but even if this is the case please so do send it in. That way I can take a look at it both for you to make sure your story flags are right and also for me to see if I can understand what happened!

Thanks again,



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