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DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY (after release) -- Known Issues
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Author:  PsySal [ Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY (after release) -- Known Issues

Hi Everybody!

First off, the launch is going great. Thanks to everybody who bought the game.

Texas is a really huge game with a lot of interlocked storylines. I've taken a lot of care and done a lot of testing to make sure you can't put the game into an unwinnable or "stuck" state but there's just no way I can catch them all.

If you are stuck (physically stuck, unable to move):

If your game is stuck somehow, never fear! I will fix your save game for you until the game can be properly patched. Nobody loses their progress, OK? I consider game progress to be basically sacred.

Your save game file will be called savegame1.dat. It will be in one of these places:

Windows: C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\TheRealTexas\2002\
Mac OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/TheRealTexas/2002/
Linux ~/.therealtexas/2002/

On Windows, replace "Calvin" with your username (the folder is a bit different on Windows XP, if anybody is using XP) and make sure on Mac OSX that you are looking in your home folder's "Library" not the system-wide one. The file will be called "savegame1.dat" in any of these places.

Compatibility Issues

There are also some compatability issues. If the game won't run at all, there isn't sound, or some other issue, please post in the forum and/or email me at These are separate to the above issues.

That said, I need to list those known potential game-killing issues. These are things to avoid doing. I will try and post them in the most non-spoilery way that I can. These will all be fixed, most likely with the next patch, which will be soon because it's going to make my life a lot easier.


If you have fallen victim to any of these, please send me your savegame and I will get you squared away. Like I said, your progress is sacred and must be protected at all cost. That's just how I see things.

1- The very far right hand side of the map, where there is farmland, is a screen which is initially blocked by a barrier. If you ENTER this screen from the very far right hand side, i.e., walking exactly next to the mountain, you will get stuck. Even if you reload the game, when you try to walk your character will go flying into the sky (no useful purpose here, even for fun experimentation I'm afraid.)

2- There is a seige engine in the game. Without going into spoilerish detail, do not use it more than once. This can cause a few problems, but chiefly it confuses the autosave system so the game won't record anything you do after that. Worse, it can put you in an unwinnable state. If you just use it once, you should be OK.

3- This is less major. Sometimes, if you die while a certain effect is on you, your control might be frozen when you try to resume the game. This is actually not a big one, just exit the game completely (i.e., to the Windows/Mac/Linux Desktop) and restart the game completely. Everything should be back to normal.

4- There is another new confirmed bug just now. Without spoiling anything, if you find yourself in an area and are given a key, but aren't able ot do anything else, please save and exit the game. You will then be able to continue.

That's all for now. These will all be fixed with Monday's patch.

Author:  PsySal [ Sun Jun 17, 2012 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY (after release) -- Known Issues

Quick update for everyone.

The first problem, getting stuck in the terrain, is fixed.

The really difficult issue was the "stuck in wall while entering basement" bug. It is now fixed, and will be in the patch Monday. In the meantime if anybody gets stuck please send along your save game to and I will unstuck you!

(Note: For this second case, there is nothing you can do to avoid this, unfortunately, so please try not to think about it!-- it's actually quite rare. It seems like it's happening when folks enter Wyburn's basement but I'm not sure why it would be more likely to happen there than elsewhere.)

Probably all (or almost all) of the "frozen controls" bug, which is less severe, has also been fixed.

The issue with the autosaver getting confused at the seige engine is the worst of all these issues, by far. It is however not hard to fix so I've left it until the end (I'll fix it tomorrow.)

I may also put an icon up so that you know when your game has been saved, but we'll see-- I feel like it might be really annoying to constantly be reminded of the autosaver doing it's job, and anyhow I can probably not implement and test this in time for a Monday update.

It's really incredibly rewarding for me to see all of you enjoying the game. It's been easy for me to find the energy to track down and eradicate the most obscure of these bugs!

Author:  PsySal [ Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY (after release) -- Known Issues

One last update. I've added one more to the "game killing" list. It's not actually game killing, but it may make you hit your head against the wall. Please see #4 in the original post.

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