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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:22 am 
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Thank you!

Actually with the Garbadge Mine, I think you are quite right. The main mistake I made there was simply to pack too much in. Probably the ideas that were used in the Mine could have been split across three dungeons without much trouble. For instance hunting for Radishes/Keys could easily have just been it's own dungeon, another could have used the idols, and another could have just been based on spatial/connection or other puzzles (even just combat would have been enough.)

To be honest more than anything it was lack of experience on my part there. I made the dungeons sequentially as I was making the game and it was just really hard to anticipate how big and challenging it was going to be until it was finally finished. When I sat down to do the other dungeons, although they also have a few other ideas tossed in, they are both based on one core concept and had fewer potential "red herrings" as well.

Many people have mentioned combat and the UI and it's definitely not falling on deaf ears :) At this point I have definite plans to make two more games using the Texas engine (they won't be sequels though) and both of these will be addressed!

Thanks again for playing the game and thanks especially for your feedback. :)


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