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Brief Feedback on The Real Texas
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Author:  PsySal [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Brief Feedback on The Real Texas

Heya :) Thanks so much-- I haven't checked the forum until today, it's really awesome to hear this kind of feedback. I definitely put a ton of thought into the scenarios and situations, I'd say they don't all have a simple concrete meaning (some do) but I try not to get to into describing my thought process because I think by playing it you can come to your own conclusions. Anyhow I'm very happy that it was appreciated!

With PPBR, more updates will definitely come. The project is on pause temporarily due to another project (actually 2) that I'm currently crunching on.

Truthfully, I burned myself out on PPBR by trying to do weekly updates, and also trying to put too much into it-- it was way too intense. So I just need a break to recharge. What I want to do with that game is just have something I can throw things into from time to time, not necessarily super ambitious but bite sized. So I just needed a little space to be able to come back to it again... So long story short It's not discontinued but is on temporary hold!

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