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post-game thoughts [spoilers/&c.]
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Author:  stephen l [ Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  post-game thoughts [spoilers/&c.]

Finished it :) Felt a little sad closing it for the last time :(

Some notes-

Never fully understood what was going on with the frogs - got by with a mixture of trial + error, and intuition. Still took far less time than the beam cavern.

I don't know if I found and then lost something in the ufo in that cavern, or never found anything, but I went back to check and there was nothing in the trunk, and couldn't find the power core anywhere else I could think of (lost and found, mine shop).

Not sure how I felt about the resolution of the plot. Two murders in as many minutes seemed a bit...rushed, I think. (I was really into it right up until he shot him). (didn't fully get sawyer's subsequent about-face).

I went back to the dungeon for a little bit just to hear the music, before leaving. (I'd have liked to have gone back to my car and seen it drive out, but ... uh, the game's out now, no point suggesting such things ).

The canoeing bit - hm, there are similar game epilogues that I like a *lot* (the one in shenmue 2 is one of the happiest experiences I've ever had in a game), but that one didn't have feel to have as serene an atmosphere as you were maybe going for.

(the bank manager's comment at the end as to hoping people don't grow to trust banks seemed both a bit out of nowhere and a bit blatant).

(the breakout game got pretty tedious for me - the ball ended up moving almost totally horizontal and I couldn't seem to straighten it at all - ended up browsing the net on my ipad and glancing at it every couple of seconds to see how it was getting on)

Uh, I had a good time (on the whole). You did good. The game's special.

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