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I am really impressed with this game. I'm the kind of person that usually loses interest in a game really easily and plays somethings else, sometimes never even coming back to that game or coming back to it so much later that I have to start over. But not with this game. I've played it every day since I bought it on the 3rd of this month and now after a week of playing I've finished it and would like to share my thoughts.

1. The story is wonderful. This is hard to accomplish, but to me is the most important element in a game that seeks to have an emotional impact. By the end of the game I felt for the characters and was glad to have met them and helped them though they aren't real, but I don't know, what's 'real' is a hard question to answer ;). The tone of the game reminded me of Earthbound and Okage: Shadow King. There aren't enough games like this.

2. It's the tiny details and subtleties that make a game truly memorable. From the books of poetry, to the hidden items you find through searching things, to the things that people say. It brought a smile to my face when Benny says he was the first bandit I ever shot. And the realization that the people that work at Rottingham are descendants of the people I met in Strange (which reminded me of Chrono Trigger when at the end you learn that some of the people you met through your travels were the ancestors and descendants of Marle.)

3. The music is incredible. I would love to have a soundtrack of this. Is there any way to pluck the music out of the .Glob file or is there a way to buy it somewhere? My favorite track was the one that plays when you fight the bandits for the first time and is played during various other battles.

4. Combat was interesting and I did not have a problem with it. It was not immediately clear to me that I needed to click in the circle that appears when you get grabbed. I figured that out halfway through the game and felt stupid for not realizing earlier. I enjoyed figuring out enemy weaknesses. You did a good job making the boss fights all different and interesting.

5. The only place that I became stuck at was the kitchen in the castle. I had no idea that I could pour that pot out (nor was there any indication why I should.) When I went into the kitchen I tried to transfer the oil to something else and when that didn't work I left it be. It was only when I scanned the forum did I learn that I could actually pour it out. I was really confused at the snow frog puzzle. While it was actually really simple the wording in the books made me think it was more complicated than it really was. My favorite puzzle in the game was the laser shields in The Formation

6. There were a few bugs and they were all the same kind: a cutscene would fail to trigger. After emptying the pot in the kitchen nothing happened until I saved+quit. Earlier in the game after playing the Beginner's Lullaby on the piano nothing happened until I tried again later. At the inter-state when you go back to the car I would get in and drive, but it would tell me I didn't know where to go. After saving+quitting the cutscene proceeded normally.

In closing I'd like to mention that I would not have even known this game existed if not for the review of it on Destructoid, a gaming blog in which I frequent. I would like to see the game come to Steam or GOG so it could sell more copies and gain more notoriety. Hey maybe it could even be in a Humble Bundle or something one day. Think of all the people that'd be playing it! :D

And thank you. It was quite an engaging, enjoyable experience.

Now I'm gonna see if I can get any of my friends to play it. :)

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