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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 5:08 am 

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1. Better Beams. In the current version half of all beam weapons are broken. VtV is actually so large that even I don't know how everything works gameplay-wise, but what I rediscovered is that there are actually two kinds of beam weapons. One just does damage of a certain type. Another, though, does an effect once the beam reaches max. What I realized is that a) the effect beams were basically just totally broken and b) I needed the effect beams to dish out damage as well. So now, effect beams dish out damage and when they max out deliver a final "bonus" punch. The damage they dish out is only about 1/4 that of plain energy beams (now called high powered energy beams) and the drain is 1/2. But then they deliver either bonus damage or a stun, or smack effect.

2. Numerous gameplay bugfixes. You can store your weapons properly at a garage. Fewer random crashes, and fewer random getting-stuck-in-room experiences. You can train up your hand-to-hand weapons. Lots and lots of little fixes like this, more than I can remember.

3. End sequence. Apparently the ending sequence is broken, so that will get fixed. It's um, fairly major, haha! This still needs to be done but it will not likely be very hard.

4. Shut up konky. You can tell konky to stop calling you.

5. Maybe some other features. I love to just weave in tons and tons of gameplay options into the text adventure mode. Of course sometimes it introduces bugs, but you know, I do still have this great big blank area to fill in called "Scientist NPC Services". I have some neat ideas for what some scientists might be able to do, ranging from upgrading your ship to... other things =) Hehehe...

The next time I'll be on the forums or get to check that everything is still running will be Monday night, until then keep filing your bug reports and offering suggestions, enjoy!

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