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 Post subject: Chapter 1
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:02 am 
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Hey everybody!

Chapter 1 is out.


Sorry if at various times today certain things (like this forum, or the page at the ISS) were or are still not fully set-up and going. I really desperately wanted to get Boat Game out there for you all.

The whole point of this endeavour is to write this thing together. Right now it's a short but very polished game. I have a million ideas and I'm ready to get into it. But what do you think?

Don't be afraid to tell me feedback. Spoiler alert but if you finished Chapter 1-- was the thing too hard to figure out? It has to be at least a *little* bit hard to figure out but maybe it could use an extra clue somewhere.

Current priorities real quick:

- Mac version
- Linux version
- Some videos on the ISS explaining how to make levels
- Some more "extra levels"
- Fixes as they come up

Longer term stuff

- Gamepad setup in-game (right now it's too awkward having to set it up from the startup dialog)
- Better sound effects. For some reason after making the trailer (where I used a great sample from I really want to redo the sfx. Now's the time, before I get too much stuff in place. I will probably leave the sfxr ones as an option in case you love them.
- Better and more music. Likewise :)

Thank you!

This thing is truly just getting started. Unlike my typical way of working I didn't want to spend a ton of time developing a game in-depth and then say "here! it is finished! my piece de resistance!"-- well actually I have stuff like that in the works too.

But I basically just always wanted to try making a game that was fluid and continuous in it's developent. There is a secure auto-updater that will automatically get your new updates as they are available and the idea is that these will just roll out more or less continuously (if this is a hassle you can start the game from the "no updates" link on the start menu, and the auto updater won't even run.)

So where do we, uh, float to next?


Takin' it EASY, riding my BIKE, makin' my GAMES.

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