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Frogs and fighters and training, oh my...
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Author:  Silvermane [ Sat May 26, 2007 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Frogs and fighters and training, oh my...

...or, help! I've got a few questions.

1.) I've been infected with the frog plague, and I'd really love to get rid of it. I've encountered a Nurse that vaccinated me, but it seems like this wasn't the solution to the problem at all.
How can I get rid of this annoying RIBBIT RIBBIT...

2.) I've met a few fighters that offer training, but the only messages I seem to get are either "You're not worthy" or "We're too closely matched". Is there a reliable way of finding a teacher, or do I have to try out every flat and house in the galaxy? Also, is there another way to increase weapon skill? I've been fighting not-so-stunned crewmen left and right, but there hasn't been an improvement.

3.) Same with the flight trainers; there is an option for training, but the skill never actually increases beyond the starting 25%, it seems. Is this a bug or is the feature yet to be implemented?

Other than that, I'm impressed at the amount of hidden stuff. Finding an engineer and learning that those guys can upgrade the ship was pretty impressive. Same for the pirate havens, those were actually quite fun!


Author:  PsySal [ Sun Jun 03, 2007 8:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hey, sorry this took so long.

Frogpox can, I think, be cured by a doctor. A nurse can only vaccinate.

I need to make a manual page about how the fighting works, since it's sort of complicated.

For fighter training, you need to find a fighter's guild to get a properly matched fighter. You don't gain experience right now by fighting battles. If you try and weild a weapon that is too much above your ability, you will generally be too clumsy to succeed. That is the main benefit of fighter training.

As for pilot training, your level should increase a little bit from training. If not, there's a bug, I will look into it. The pilot training, however, is sort of... erm. I wish I could say it did more! Basically, it controls whether you get parking tickets. I know, silly. I originally wanted it to limit what type of ship you can pilot, but that ended up being too difficult. I may still implement that, however, for normal/hard difficulty level worlds. Right now, it doesn't really have a major impact, and there are sort of a lot of hoops to jump through!

Thanks for the questions, again, I didn't see this forum post until now. Stay tuned, a new world pack or two is due out really soon (today or tommorow) which will have a larger world and/or higher difficulty level.

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